Things not to miss in Positano

Le torri (The towers). Built to defend the village from the continuous raids of the Saracens and Turkish pirates. Located at Fornillo, la Trasita and la Sponda, some of them can be seen even inland around the village.

Le grotte preistoriche. The prehistoric grottos date back to different historical periods. They are scattered all along the coast and present evidence of human life in those areas from long ago.

L’arcipelago de “Li Galli” (Archipelago of Li Galli). Three miles off Positano, it is a group of 3 small isles named ‘il Gallo Lungo’, ‘la Rotondo,’ and ‘il Castelluccio.’ According to the legend the mythical sirens lived there and tried to enchant Ulysses with their hypnotic song. On the biggest of the three stands a Roman Villa, which belonged to the Russian dancer and set designer Rudolph Nureyev. Below the surface, in the depths of the sea, there are numerous pieces of wreckage, which have increased and contributed to the myth of the sirens.

Le ville (The villas). Dating back to Roman times, here lived the nobles who came to relax. You can find them along the coast and inland, following the classical terraced shape of the territory. The most famous is the one found in the Baia di Positano. Today there are only a few remains of it because it is covered in digging materials and from the building of the Chiesa dell’Assunta.

Shops. The elegant boutiques in the centre represent the typical fashion from Positano which is exported everywhere in the world.

Local Festivals. There is one on July 2nd up in the little hill village of Montepertuso. But over all, there is the Madonna dell’Assunta, August 15th, with an enchanting fireworks show which you can also enjoy from one of the many boats floating just off shore.

Il premio per l’arte e la danza (Art and Dance competition). Organized every year to celebrate the great dancer and playwright Leonide Massine.

La chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta. Recognized by it’s tiled dome and a 12th century bell tower.

I laboratori dei ceramisti (ceramic worskhops and stores). One can find many of them everywhere in the village. They export their typical artisan ceramic all over the world.

The view. Going up to the hill village of Monterpertuso, you can enjoy a unique view of the gulf of Salerno and the whole Positan.